The Conception of our Mission

The Conception

On January 11, 2016 my brother Skip Johnson took his own life…

Since that day I have been searching for answers… “why did this happen?” being the first. What could I have done differently? I have had to search deeper inside of myself then ever before. This was exactly what I needed. I needed to fall on my face… I needed to fail, I needed to cope badly, because it all led me here. All of this self destructive behavior led me to my friends… the same ones who stood by me through all of this, that’s when I realized how important it is to have a support system. My friends saved me… I began practicing discipline inspired by a book from David Goggins “Can’t Hurt Me” I must have listened to that book probably 10 times. I woke up, in the dark, put  my running shoes & headlamp on and before I walked out the door , I muttered to myself the words “no one is coming to save you” every morning for 6 plus months. This was step one… wanting to be better. I still run today, nearly every day.

This was the start… which led to me signing up for running events and eventually training and traveling to marathon distance runs. My good friend began to notice the will to change and fight through the depression I was experiencing. He introduced me to something he had been doing for years now… that was an outside the box, outside the comfort zone, retreat. Next thing you know we were on a plane to Poland to meet this guy dubbed the “Ice Man”. We learned a new breath technique, sat in Ice cold water, climbed a mountain half naked in freezing conditions, all amongst some of the most amazing individuals from all over the world, it was medicine in its most pure form, I had to find a way to share this.The